Doug Holden

Protecting Your Assets

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Most of Wealth (or Asset) Protection Planning is aimed at shielding a client’s assets from the reach of creditors.  There are a variety of ways to accomplish doing this protection, but often the best planning utilizes a number of methods in the same plan.  These ways include the following:

1.         Insurance

2.         Trusts (Generally Irrevocable Trusts)

3.         Business Entities

4.         Certain Types of Investments

5.         Exempt Assets

6.         College Savings Plans

 The whole concept of Wealth Protection Planning is to create legal barriers that will not allow creditors to collect on a judgment or at least make it unattractive – time consuming and expensive for a creditor to pursue an asset.

 Those persons who are ideal candidates are members of professions, such as doctors, and those who have a wide variety of types of assets, including businesses, multiple real properties, and metals.

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