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A top-performing attorney whose practice is based on elder law issues; estate and wealth protection and planning; probate services, trust administration, and asset distribution; business formation and maintenance; and risk management. He is skilled in assessing, advising, and performing client negotiation solutions and has a proven record of achievement in settlement resolution combined with strong emphasis and focus on client success. ________________________________________


 §  Elder Law

 §  Medicaid/Special Needs

 §  Guardianships

 §  Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning, and Probate

 §  Wealth Protection Planning

 §  Legal Project Management

 §  Foundations

 §  Business Formation, Planning and Maintenance

 §  Risk Management

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 §  Client Negotiations


Sandy - Administrative Assistant

Douglas S. Holden

Attorney at Law



Doug protects the dignity of life and preserves the assets for the elderly, those who will become elderly, and for their family members.




Doug Holden is a husband, father, grandfather, lawyer, law professor, business entrepreneur, youth coach and witty public speaker.  More importantly from your perspective,




Doug Holden is the compassionate legal translator for regular people in Colorado.



“For most people, legalese is a foreign language.



Because Doug is fluent in that world, you don’t have to be.



He explains the law to you, and you to the law.”




Doug listens to you.  Then, he converts the legalese surrounding your life’s events into language and terms you can understand.  Once you are clear on your options and opportunities, Doug customizes a package for your unique situation to assure you can take advantage of the protections and opportunities to which you are entitled. 



Doug has a Juris Doctorate and forty years of stellar legal achievements including professor of law.  But in addition, his undergraduate degree is in Business Management.  This plus an impressive resume of hands-on experience in business allows Doug to really understand life’s challenges from the perspective of someone who has been there.



Doug is a regular guy who understands regular people.  After four years in the United States Air Force, and a couple of years in financial services, married with two children, he went back to school.  He worked as a security guard while paying his own way through a four-year undergraduate program in two and a half years – and graduated Cum Laude.  He continued working full time at several law firms while completing his law degree.



Doug has worked as corporate counsel in the financial services and manufacturing industries.  He has represented young professional athletes.  He has been instrumental in business start-up operations for an online university.  He wrote curriculum for and taught the first business law class for two major universities.  He wrote Elder Law curriculum for a law school and has represented non-profit organizations pro bono (for free).  Somehow in the midst of all of this, he coached youth soccer, football, basketball, and baseball.



Doug has now committed the significant part of his law practice to "Elder Law" - protecting the dignity of life and preserving the assets for the elderly, those who will become elderly, and for their family members. Doug is waiting to speak with you right now.  



Isn’t it time you talked to an attorney that speaks your language?






Credential Overview

Professor of Law

Concord Law School

Los Angeles, CA

Juris Doctor

Pepperdine University School of Law

Malibu, CA

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Regis University

Denver, CO